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Dutch Quality Stone™

How do I download High Resolution photos from your website?

Our website has been recently upgraded to give you access to every image in the Dutch Quality Stone gallery. To download a h-res image, simply click on an image from the profile line that you want. In the description area of the image, you will see a link for “Hi-Res” Simply right click on “Hi-Res” and then do the following to save the image to your system: Internet Explorer – “Save Target As” Firefox & Chrome – “Save Link As”  

What Makes you different than your competitors?

  1. 1st shift employee group, most of our competitors have gone down the road of trying to get as much production from under one roof as possible. In some cases pouring two shifts seven days a week. We feel that a first shift only group is the only way to control product quality.
  2. Stage manufacturing ahead of sales. Meaning we do not oversell what we can comfortably produce. Most of our competitors simply are selling more than they can make. causing lead times and unhappy customers.
  3. Our production workforce is 85% Amish.
  4. In terms of quality control we can tell you who tinted and packaged your stone by the numbers and dates stamped on each individual box. Part of our employee bonus program is based on quality control.

What are the benefits of using manufactured stone?

Manufactured stone can be installed for a fraction of the cost of natural stone. Because manufactured stone is made of lightweight material it does not require a footing and can be used in many kinds of applications.

How are your box footages figured: with or without a grout joint?

All of our stone profiles are figured with a ½” grout joint with the exception of Dry Stack, Castle Stone, and Stack Ledge. Keep in mind that your joint size can make up a pretty significant amount.

Why are the stones so dark when I opened my box of stone?

Any concrete material needs a particular amount of time to cure; this time can vary if it does not have access to air. During our manufacturing process our stone goes directly from the molds into the boxes were they cure extremely slow.

Can you do custom accessories if needed?

Our process would be to buy the natural stone needed for each case and make a mold off of it to produce stone. In the end it is more economical for the distributor to use natural stone for these scenarios.

Can I hang stone on cement board or durarock?

No, you need to use mesh in this application.

How much square footage does one bag of mortar cover?

You can generally figure about 50 sq/ft per bag as a rule of thumb.

Can your stone be used as hardscape? (step on)

Our stone will not hold up to foot traffic.